June Goals & May Re-Cap

So, May came and went and those goals I tried to make..  well, I sort of did them.  Here's an update and then a short list of some June goals.  Intention is good right?

RUNNING: - get up to a 4 mile run.        Um..  I did run in May.  And then I got sick in the middle of the month..  allergies/cold/cough..  and running stopped.  I think I got up to 2.5 miles.  We will try again in June!  

HOUSE:  Clean out my closet and drawers...  and donate those clothes.       I got this MOSTLY done.  All my drawers and half my closet.  Then I got distracted..  but also got some stuff donated!  

PICTURES:  .  So - my goal is to begin working on the 2013 photo book - decide what online site I will use, choose the design and get some pages done.      Did not do anything with pictures.  Nothing.  And it aint happening in June..  

OILS & BUSINESS:  In May I added 2 more people to my team which was exciting!  And, I've had a few good conversations with people about oils.  I wasn't in touch w/ my downline as much as I wanted to be, so that is something to work towards.  

SO, as you can see I had good intentions with May goals but wasn't super successful in completing them.  Always room for improvements yes?  

June is a rather busy month..  vacation and a youth mission trip means not a lot of time at home.  So - my June goals are going to be quite simple and very little...  

1. Running..  keep it up.  yep.  just keep it up.  Especially on vacation..  I want to do 3 runs on vacation.  Easy right?

2. Oils - Keep learning about them and keep talking about them.  Tangible?  2 more sign ups.  And..  continue to participate in the 30 day learn and share challenge..  learning and sharing something about oils every day!  

3. Date with John - we need a date..  life is busy..  2 kids...  it takes planning..  but we both need to be more intentional with eachother in doing this..  so - a date night this month with John.  

I plan on having July be more productive, but with 2 weeks away in June - this is it.

Anyone else have any June goals?  School ends, kids are home and the possibilities are endless right?!  Happy June! 


What I learned about marraige from my wedding day

John and I got married 9 years ago today.  May 21, 2006.  It was a Sunday.  I don't remember what the weather was like, sunny?  rainy?  No idea!  I don't remember being nervous or worried about the details.  I don't remember conversations with people or what I ate that morning for breakfast.  My wedding day was memorable, but not for all the reasons that one might remember their wedding day.

What I remember about my wedding day was missing my rehearsal dinner and spending the rehearsal in the church bathroom.  I remember eating saltine crackers and drinking a pepsi at the hairdresser while getting my hair done.  I remember talking to John on the phone and wondering how in the world we were going to make it through the day.

Sick.  We were both sick.  Terribly so.  Up. ALL. Night. Throwing Up.  It wasn't pretty.  What I remember is standing in front of the church with John while both of turned green.  I remember shortly after the pastor started the sermon, that John excused himself.  The groom left.  The bride stood by herself in front of the church.  And the congregation wondered what in the world was going on.  John could barely stand up..  he was so dizzy and nauseous and sick to his stomach.  It was during our vows however, that I, the bride..  excused myself.  Exited through the side door as I wretched my crackers up.

Nothing like being terribly sick on your wedding day.  It was not the wedding of my dreams sort of day..  but it was our day.  And we stood, rather shakily, in front of the altar that day and promised our lives to each other.   So here is what I learned about marriage on that day that I got married.  

I learned that marriage does not always go as planned and it's messy and it's hard and sometimes you just have to laugh and all of that is okay.  Because there is always beauty in the mess.  One of my prayers for John and I during our engagement as we prepared for our wedding day was that we would not be so focused on that day, but that we would more focused on our marriage.  And you know..  all those things that you put so much time and effort into for your wedding day - like the flowers and the pictures, the table settings, the food - those things don't matter.  They aren't important.  What is important is the commitment that we make to each other that lasts a lifetime.  I have learned that the promise I made to love John is a promise that I make every day.  

I remember my wedding day.  I remember the feeling of disbelief that we were SO sick that day.  And I remember the man I married, most of all I remember standing before him, next to him declaring my love.  In the midst of everything going wrong  - I remember Love.  

Happy Anniversary Babe!  I loved you then and I love you now.  Let's keep living life together.  


When Asher couldn't breathe

Last night shortly after going to sleep myself, I'm awakened by Asher crying, frantic, in a near panic mode and when he was finally able to say something - it came out as a frightened and frustrated, "I can't breathe"  And then I heard it..  the feeble attempts to get air into his lungs.  He breathe was raspy, he was coughing, hoarse and his chest was so tight.  It was scary and I was one foot out the door ready to take him to the ER.  I held him tight..  soothing him and trying to get him to settle down so we could concentrate on slow breathes.  I opened wide his window right at his bed and we breathed in the cool air.  He was less panicked, but still struggling.  I was trying not to panic myself!  I grabbed my oils, quickly thinking through what might help.  I put a dab of Vicks on his chest first - hoping the vapors would help..  it didn't.  I grabbed my essential oil RC (a blend of cypress and eculyptus) and I rubbed that into his chest.  We kept breathing the cool air, rubbing his back, speaking calming words into his ear and praying.  He started to settle, I could hear the raspyness start to lesson.  I started breathing again.

As he started to settle a bit more, he said to me, - "I think my allergy roller (a mix of lavender, lemon, peppermint and fractionated coconut oil) would help"  Smart boy!  I got it and rolled it ALL over the bottom of his feet, the insides of his wrists and across his forehead and cheeks.  He layed down and in minutes was saying..  I feel like I can breathe better.

I finally relaxed.  You guys.  It was so scary!  I don't know all of what was going on.  ..  but that was a first for us.  After he was laying there for a bit, I put some purification and lemon on his spine and he finally fell asleep.  I laid there next to him ALL night; Listening to him.  He slept, coughed a bit..  I heard at one point the breathing becoming labored again - a little bit..  but then eased up on its own.  He's home today..  on the couch watching TV.  Still not feeling good, but breathing.  We'll work on the cough today and take it easy.  Momma could use a long nap!

But here's the thing.  we stayed out of the ER.  I didn't even give him any medication.  These oils not only relaxed him, made him less frantic about it all, but they helped him breathe better.  Ya'll.  I'm not a Dr.  not a nurse.  I'm just a mom.  I'm not about to diagnose what happened last night and maybe he would have settled without the oils..  or maybe not.  But I'm convinced (even more then before) how much these oils help my family to be and to live healthier.

#PrayerandOils.   #OilsandPrayer


If you are interested in trying some oils - you can order some through me using my 24% discount or maybe you are ready to dive in and order your own starte kit which includes 11 oils, a diffuser, becoming a part of an amazing and supportive community, lots of encouragement and education about the oils...  click HERE and sign up for the Premium Starter Kit.  


Busy or Relaxing

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day.  It's been a while since any day around here has been relaxing.  Being busy is over rated ya'll.  And yet, I find that of late..  busy is everyday.   And I'm sure I'm not the only one caught up in the running here and there, the to -do lists, keeping up with kids schedules and homework and what they need to be taking into school on a daily basis.  Wash and dishes - is anyone every on top of laundry and dishes?   Goodness gracious.  My mind feels too full.

So relaxing yesterday was so needed.  The kids played.  The hubby grilled and my mom and I sat outside in the beautiful shade and talked.  That was it.  No running around.  No dishes and no laundry.  It was good.  needed.  necessary.  I need more not so busy days.

I LOVE all that we are doing..  all the things that are making us busy - I love it all.  Ok. maybe not ALL of it..  but most of it.  I like soccer practice and games.  A lot!  I like being in a small group on Wednesday nights.  I like the work I do at the church and the conversations I have about Essential Oils.  I like playing outside with my kids and going to the park.  I like conversations with my husband and friends.  I like helping at my kids schools and being involved there.  I like blogging,   I like, well.. find it important to exercise.  I don't mind working on keeping the house clean and organized..  but fitting it all in   - that is where it is hard.

So, I'm going to make more time...  for relaxing.  Sigh...  Maybe.

More time for books.
More time for walks.
More time for naps.  YES!
More time for movies.
More time for games
More time for sitting on the patio.

Sounds good to me.


Some May Goals

So, to be honest, I'm not a goal setter.  I know setting goals is good for me, but I just don't do it.  Mainly because I don't follow through very well with my goals, so I give up long before I even get close.  BUT..  I've seen other bloggers who have set up some goals each month and post it on their blog.  So, I figured..  Why not?!  Here are a few goals for this month...

RUNNING:  I am JUST getting myself back into running after taking off all winter..  not intentionally, but it happened.  so - my goal is to be back up to being able to do a 4 mile run.  That means - some scheduled runs during the week!  

HOUSE:  Clean out my closet and drawers...  and donate those clothes I. AM. NOT. WEARING.  which happens to be most of my wardrobe.  Funny how we buy SO many clothes and yet wear the same ones over and over.  

PICTURES:  All my pictures are on my computer.  I was keeping up with doing a big yearly photo book..  and then I got behind.  2013 and 2014 Still need to happen.  So - my goal is to begin working on the 2013 photo book - decide what online site I will use, choose the design and get some pages done.  (I'll update in June what site I decided to use - this is partly why I am behind..  I can never decide which site is best/cheapest/easiset to use...  ).  

OILS & BUSINESS: So, I'm fairly new (ish) to using essential oils.  And I love it.  But there is a LOT I need to be learning about how to best use them for my family.  I also have begun being a distributor for Young Living..  so I've been attemping to learn the business side of things..  and be more..  business..y...  not a word, I know!  But - trying to balance out the teaching/talking/telling without feeling like I"m pushing it onto people.  All while attempting to turn this into a business and earn some extra money.  I've had some great conversations with people about oils and even have had people sign up under me!  yea!  But - my goal for this month is to be more in touch with my downline folks in order to encourage them in the oils they are using.   And I'd like to continue building my business - by getting another sign up and having some get togethers to talk about oils...  April was a good month which makes me excited for this month!  

Ok..  I could keep going and come up with a bazillion other goals..  but let's be realistic!  

What goals do you have for the month of May?  Care to share?!  


Oh My - April!

Well, blogging has definitely taken a backseat this last year.  For lots of reasons.  Or no reason at all.  Just cause.  I miss it.  I miss contributing to the online community, putting my thoughts out there, challenging myself and others.  I miss taking pictures and editing and posting.  But time has been spent elsewhere and really..  thoughts are not there.  I do want to remember this time and record it and go back and read again what my days were like when my kids were 2 and 3 and 3 and 4..  5 and 6..  So - I want to be back.  Back to this..  but I promise nothing!

Look at those kids up there.  Can I pause for a moment.  Because they aren't babies anymore.  And my heart breaks.  Yes - we sleep through the night finally and I'm not wiping hiney's anymore.  Amen and Amen.  But..  they talk about friends and write on their own and have strong opinions.  Okay - they always had strong opinios.  But I miss my babies.  But also, this age..  5 and 6 years old.  So. Much. Fun.  The learning and doing things together and moments of growing up and reading together and riding 2 wheelers.. it's fun.  it's exicting.  And I look at my 2 babies and am amazed.  And then they whine and cry and fight and argue and melt down in the middle of art fairs and book fairs and I sigh again.  Parenthood.  It's crazy.

We are eagerly awaiting summer and vacations and the pool.  Lazy mornings and movie watching and long walks.  Sounds fabulous yes?  Let's pretend for a minute it all will be!

This weekend we are gearing up for soccer games and a red carpet prom night youth fundraiser at the church.  Next week I'll be back here with some May goals and Prom Pictures.


February Favorites

Some our favorite things at the moment....

To Listen to:
    Hannah - anything Frozen related.  She belts it out ALL DAY LONG.
    Jamie - This Album from Katie and Bryan Torwalt

To Play:
    Asher - Paw Patrol or Geometry Dash on the Ipad which I can't figure out what it really has to do       with geometry...
   Hannah - Anything having to do with DOGS.  partnered with, "Mommy, I really wish I could get a     dog...  "

To Read:
     Hannah:   Patti Cake..  It's Adorbs...

   Asher:  Magic Tree House Books..

   Jamie:  Currently working through  Tables in the Wilderness, A Memoir of God Found, Lost and Found Again, by Preston Yancey.  I'm not loving it, and it's taking me longer then I wanted to get through it, but his story of struggling in community and with faith is interesting and at times; relatable.

John:  Newspaper, anything related to running and/or biking...

To Eat:
   Jamie :  Salad with apples and walnuts on it.  Yummy!  Add some cheese and few pepperoni's and I'm happy.

To Watch:
   Hannah - Disney Jr's Jesse show.  I admit..  it has me laughing too.
   Jamie:  A few favorites right now.. - Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.  Have you seen?  And, a horrible admission - the Bachelor..  have you seen the drama train this season?  It's awful!  And... Yet...  I....  Watch....

Some Favorite Moments of 2015 thus far..
     Asher - finding out he was student of the month for his class!  Wohoo.


Hannah - getting better and better at her cartwheel.  Lots of practice.

John - being a part of the Philadelphia Historic Homeshow and talking windows with lots of

Jamie - Taking 17 students away on a 2 day retreat to snowy Gretna and being a part of their faith
                journey and new commitments to Christ.

Favorite things we are looking forward to:   Spring!!  Summer!  The beach!!  What else?