February Favorites

Some our favorite things at the moment....

To Listen to:
    Hannah - anything Frozen related.  She belts it out ALL DAY LONG.
    Jamie - This Album from Katie and Bryan Torwalt

To Play:
    Asher - Paw Patrol or Geometry Dash on the Ipad which I can't figure out what it really has to do       with geometry...
   Hannah - Anything having to do with DOGS.  partnered with, "Mommy, I really wish I could get a     dog...  "

To Read:
     Hannah:   Patti Cake..  It's Adorbs...

   Asher:  Magic Tree House Books..

   Jamie:  Currently working through  Tables in the Wilderness, A Memoir of God Found, Lost and Found Again, by Preston Yancey.  I'm not loving it, and it's taking me longer then I wanted to get through it, but his story of struggling in community and with faith is interesting and at times; relatable.

John:  Newspaper, anything related to running and/or biking...

To Eat:
   Jamie :  Salad with apples and walnuts on it.  Yummy!  Add some cheese and few pepperoni's and I'm happy.

To Watch:
   Hannah - Disney Jr's Jesse show.  I admit..  it has me laughing too.
   Jamie:  A few favorites right now.. - Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.  Have you seen?  And, a horrible admission - the Bachelor..  have you seen the drama train this season?  It's awful!  And... Yet...  I....  Watch....

Some Favorite Moments of 2015 thus far..
     Asher - finding out he was student of the month for his class!  Wohoo.


Hannah - getting better and better at her cartwheel.  Lots of practice.

John - being a part of the Philadelphia Historic Homeshow and talking windows with lots of

Jamie - Taking 17 students away on a 2 day retreat to snowy Gretna and being a part of their faith
                journey and new commitments to Christ.

Favorite things we are looking forward to:   Spring!!  Summer!  The beach!!  What else?

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