What I learned about marraige from my wedding day

John and I got married 9 years ago today.  May 21, 2006.  It was a Sunday.  I don't remember what the weather was like, sunny?  rainy?  No idea!  I don't remember being nervous or worried about the details.  I don't remember conversations with people or what I ate that morning for breakfast.  My wedding day was memorable, but not for all the reasons that one might remember their wedding day.

What I remember about my wedding day was missing my rehearsal dinner and spending the rehearsal in the church bathroom.  I remember eating saltine crackers and drinking a pepsi at the hairdresser while getting my hair done.  I remember talking to John on the phone and wondering how in the world we were going to make it through the day.

Sick.  We were both sick.  Terribly so.  Up. ALL. Night. Throwing Up.  It wasn't pretty.  What I remember is standing in front of the church with John while both of turned green.  I remember shortly after the pastor started the sermon, that John excused himself.  The groom left.  The bride stood by herself in front of the church.  And the congregation wondered what in the world was going on.  John could barely stand up..  he was so dizzy and nauseous and sick to his stomach.  It was during our vows however, that I, the bride..  excused myself.  Exited through the side door as I wretched my crackers up.

Nothing like being terribly sick on your wedding day.  It was not the wedding of my dreams sort of day..  but it was our day.  And we stood, rather shakily, in front of the altar that day and promised our lives to each other.   So here is what I learned about marriage on that day that I got married.  

I learned that marriage does not always go as planned and it's messy and it's hard and sometimes you just have to laugh and all of that is okay.  Because there is always beauty in the mess.  One of my prayers for John and I during our engagement as we prepared for our wedding day was that we would not be so focused on that day, but that we would more focused on our marriage.  And you know..  all those things that you put so much time and effort into for your wedding day - like the flowers and the pictures, the table settings, the food - those things don't matter.  They aren't important.  What is important is the commitment that we make to each other that lasts a lifetime.  I have learned that the promise I made to love John is a promise that I make every day.  

I remember my wedding day.  I remember the feeling of disbelief that we were SO sick that day.  And I remember the man I married, most of all I remember standing before him, next to him declaring my love.  In the midst of everything going wrong  - I remember Love.  

Happy Anniversary Babe!  I loved you then and I love you now.  Let's keep living life together.  

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