June Goals & May Re-Cap

So, May came and went and those goals I tried to make..  well, I sort of did them.  Here's an update and then a short list of some June goals.  Intention is good right?

RUNNING: - get up to a 4 mile run.        Um..  I did run in May.  And then I got sick in the middle of the month..  allergies/cold/cough..  and running stopped.  I think I got up to 2.5 miles.  We will try again in June!  

HOUSE:  Clean out my closet and drawers...  and donate those clothes.       I got this MOSTLY done.  All my drawers and half my closet.  Then I got distracted..  but also got some stuff donated!  

PICTURES:  .  So - my goal is to begin working on the 2013 photo book - decide what online site I will use, choose the design and get some pages done.      Did not do anything with pictures.  Nothing.  And it aint happening in June..  

OILS & BUSINESS:  In May I added 2 more people to my team which was exciting!  And, I've had a few good conversations with people about oils.  I wasn't in touch w/ my downline as much as I wanted to be, so that is something to work towards.  

SO, as you can see I had good intentions with May goals but wasn't super successful in completing them.  Always room for improvements yes?  

June is a rather busy month..  vacation and a youth mission trip means not a lot of time at home.  So - my June goals are going to be quite simple and very little...  

1. Running..  keep it up.  yep.  just keep it up.  Especially on vacation..  I want to do 3 runs on vacation.  Easy right?

2. Oils - Keep learning about them and keep talking about them.  Tangible?  2 more sign ups.  And..  continue to participate in the 30 day learn and share challenge..  learning and sharing something about oils every day!  

3. Date with John - we need a date..  life is busy..  2 kids...  it takes planning..  but we both need to be more intentional with eachother in doing this..  so - a date night this month with John.  

I plan on having July be more productive, but with 2 weeks away in June - this is it.

Anyone else have any June goals?  School ends, kids are home and the possibilities are endless right?!  Happy June! 

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