When Asher couldn't breathe

Last night shortly after going to sleep myself, I'm awakened by Asher crying, frantic, in a near panic mode and when he was finally able to say something - it came out as a frightened and frustrated, "I can't breathe"  And then I heard it..  the feeble attempts to get air into his lungs.  He breathe was raspy, he was coughing, hoarse and his chest was so tight.  It was scary and I was one foot out the door ready to take him to the ER.  I held him tight..  soothing him and trying to get him to settle down so we could concentrate on slow breathes.  I opened wide his window right at his bed and we breathed in the cool air.  He was less panicked, but still struggling.  I was trying not to panic myself!  I grabbed my oils, quickly thinking through what might help.  I put a dab of Vicks on his chest first - hoping the vapors would help..  it didn't.  I grabbed my essential oil RC (a blend of cypress and eculyptus) and I rubbed that into his chest.  We kept breathing the cool air, rubbing his back, speaking calming words into his ear and praying.  He started to settle, I could hear the raspyness start to lesson.  I started breathing again.

As he started to settle a bit more, he said to me, - "I think my allergy roller (a mix of lavender, lemon, peppermint and fractionated coconut oil) would help"  Smart boy!  I got it and rolled it ALL over the bottom of his feet, the insides of his wrists and across his forehead and cheeks.  He layed down and in minutes was saying..  I feel like I can breathe better.

I finally relaxed.  You guys.  It was so scary!  I don't know all of what was going on.  ..  but that was a first for us.  After he was laying there for a bit, I put some purification and lemon on his spine and he finally fell asleep.  I laid there next to him ALL night; Listening to him.  He slept, coughed a bit..  I heard at one point the breathing becoming labored again - a little bit..  but then eased up on its own.  He's home today..  on the couch watching TV.  Still not feeling good, but breathing.  We'll work on the cough today and take it easy.  Momma could use a long nap!

But here's the thing.  we stayed out of the ER.  I didn't even give him any medication.  These oils not only relaxed him, made him less frantic about it all, but they helped him breathe better.  Ya'll.  I'm not a Dr.  not a nurse.  I'm just a mom.  I'm not about to diagnose what happened last night and maybe he would have settled without the oils..  or maybe not.  But I'm convinced (even more then before) how much these oils help my family to be and to live healthier.

#PrayerandOils.   #OilsandPrayer


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