Busy or Relaxing

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day.  It's been a while since any day around here has been relaxing.  Being busy is over rated ya'll.  And yet, I find that of late..  busy is everyday.   And I'm sure I'm not the only one caught up in the running here and there, the to -do lists, keeping up with kids schedules and homework and what they need to be taking into school on a daily basis.  Wash and dishes - is anyone every on top of laundry and dishes?   Goodness gracious.  My mind feels too full.

So relaxing yesterday was so needed.  The kids played.  The hubby grilled and my mom and I sat outside in the beautiful shade and talked.  That was it.  No running around.  No dishes and no laundry.  It was good.  needed.  necessary.  I need more not so busy days.

I LOVE all that we are doing..  all the things that are making us busy - I love it all.  Ok. maybe not ALL of it..  but most of it.  I like soccer practice and games.  A lot!  I like being in a small group on Wednesday nights.  I like the work I do at the church and the conversations I have about Essential Oils.  I like playing outside with my kids and going to the park.  I like conversations with my husband and friends.  I like helping at my kids schools and being involved there.  I like blogging,   I like, well.. find it important to exercise.  I don't mind working on keeping the house clean and organized..  but fitting it all in   - that is where it is hard.

So, I'm going to make more time...  for relaxing.  Sigh...  Maybe.

More time for books.
More time for walks.
More time for naps.  YES!
More time for movies.
More time for games
More time for sitting on the patio.

Sounds good to me.

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