Some May Goals

So, to be honest, I'm not a goal setter.  I know setting goals is good for me, but I just don't do it.  Mainly because I don't follow through very well with my goals, so I give up long before I even get close.  BUT..  I've seen other bloggers who have set up some goals each month and post it on their blog.  So, I figured..  Why not?!  Here are a few goals for this month...

RUNNING:  I am JUST getting myself back into running after taking off all winter..  not intentionally, but it happened.  so - my goal is to be back up to being able to do a 4 mile run.  That means - some scheduled runs during the week!  

HOUSE:  Clean out my closet and drawers...  and donate those clothes I. AM. NOT. WEARING.  which happens to be most of my wardrobe.  Funny how we buy SO many clothes and yet wear the same ones over and over.  

PICTURES:  All my pictures are on my computer.  I was keeping up with doing a big yearly photo book..  and then I got behind.  2013 and 2014 Still need to happen.  So - my goal is to begin working on the 2013 photo book - decide what online site I will use, choose the design and get some pages done.  (I'll update in June what site I decided to use - this is partly why I am behind..  I can never decide which site is best/cheapest/easiset to use...  ).  

OILS & BUSINESS: So, I'm fairly new (ish) to using essential oils.  And I love it.  But there is a LOT I need to be learning about how to best use them for my family.  I also have begun being a distributor for Young Living..  so I've been attemping to learn the business side of things..  and be more..  business..y...  not a word, I know!  But - trying to balance out the teaching/talking/telling without feeling like I"m pushing it onto people.  All while attempting to turn this into a business and earn some extra money.  I've had some great conversations with people about oils and even have had people sign up under me!  yea!  But - my goal for this month is to be more in touch with my downline folks in order to encourage them in the oils they are using.   And I'd like to continue building my business - by getting another sign up and having some get togethers to talk about oils...  April was a good month which makes me excited for this month!  

Ok..  I could keep going and come up with a bazillion other goals..  but let's be realistic!  

What goals do you have for the month of May?  Care to share?!  

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