Let's talk Oils.

I am not a die hard fan of anything really..  I'm pretty flexible when it comes to most products.  I go for inexpensive and covenient.

And then, I got into oils.  Young Living Essential Oils to be specific.  And I can't get enough.  I am loving them.  And after nearly 5 months of using them, I'm ready to start sharing about how we, as a family, have benefitted from them.

I first started to use oils in September because I wanted to find something natural to help with Hannah's allergies.  I really did not want to resort to giving her medicine every single day but she needed something.  Her allergies are constant.  Her eyes bother her most - they get red, itchy, weepy..  so a friend told me that a combination of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon - diffused or rolled directly onto the bottom of her feet or the back of her neck - can help.  Instead of just ordering those 3 oils, I ordered the starter kit - which included 11 oils, some information about the oils and a diffuser.

Ya'll..  I love diffusing.  My kids LOVE the oils.  And.. they work.  For Real.

Hannah doesn't take any meds for her allergies.  I'm sure come spring - I'll need to be even more on top of her w/ the oils, - diffusing this combination every day as well as rolling them on her every day, but for now I will occasionaly diffuse the combo of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon - at night in her room to help.  No more itchy eyes.  No more weepy, watery eyes.  and her congestion is so much better.

We use the oils for lots of other things too..
    *  Peace and Calming and Lavender - I diffuse at night to help with sleeping.  Asher is all over Peace and Calming.  He says, it helps him sleep.  We didn't have it for a while and he kept asking me - when will we get it..  once it came and I put it on his feet at night - he responded by saying.. "Now, I can finally get some sleep!".
     * Thieves.. - this is one of my favorite.  It has kept us healthy this fall/winter.  I'll write another post on that soon.  Thieves is a MUST HAVE.
     * Valor - totally helped me on those long runs when I was training for the half marathon.

I'm a huge fan.  I feel like these oils have helped us to be healthier and have provided an alternative way to dealing with health issues instead of over the counter meds.

Email me at JamieLindtner@gmail.com - if you are interested in learning more about Young Living Oils.  I'd love to share our experience with the oils and how they can help you!

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