2014 books

I love hearing about what others are reading, going to bookstores and looking through books, collecting books on my nightstand....  yep - I've got a whole stack of books to read just sitting there.  I love books with pretty covers..  how can you not read it if it looks pretty?  Seriously!  So, in case you're looking for some good books to read..  here's some books that I've read through this past year.

This was one of my favorie books that I read this past year.  Maybe a foavorite book of all times.  LOVED her stories, her emphasis on community and intentional relationships.  And, she writes about her favorite recipes too.  Win win!

This book shook me to my core.  Oh. My. Word.  It's a story about a man who gets a note from Papa  (God) to come meet Him at the very shack where his daughter was brutally murdered.  What happens at that shack is a beautiful conversation between this man and the different persons of the Trinity.  I was so drawn into the development and characterization of the persons of the Trinity.  The hard questions that are asked, that we all want to ask God - and the responses.  The way that God meets us where we are but then draws us out of that.  Amazing.  It's a hard read, but it was a tremendously eye opening read.  

I was given this book over the summer by a pastor in Washington DC.  He was dreaming big and praying big and for a day my youth group and I were a part of preparing an old building to be a Christian school for kids.  This book challenged me in how I pray.  It challenged me in persevering in my prayers and in expecting our big God to do big things.  

I was drawn to the cover of this book - look how pretty it is!  This was another book about intentional community.  It took me a while to get into it - but once I was - I was drawn in by the authors story.  She went through a time of darkness, lonliness and she speaks on how her community of people led her through this.  I love the model of community she talks about.  The need to be vulnerable and to go deep with people  - our longing for that intimacy and connections.  It's a good read!  

I'm sure I read more, but these are the books that I remember and stood out to me!  What books have you read this past year that are worth a mention?  

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