It's a new year!

Well, I'm a wee bit late in the Happy New Year Department, but at least it's not February yet! Here's some highlights from the last month or so..

*  We had a fun Christmas, kids enjoyed being off from school and we spent some of Christmas break working on my mom's kitchen and hanging out with her new puppy dog Sadie - which was fun!

 * The transition back to school as been..  well, more rough for some..  but, we are getting there.

 Hannah has started gymnastics at the Y while Asher does a PFX Training class which he is loving.

 I'm trying to motivate myself back into running, while John runs circles around me.

We had a 'reveal' party at youth - revealing where we are headed this summer for our mission trip.  We are ALL excited about the beach!  And we are looking forward to helping repair some houses that had been damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

We even got a little bit of snow.  Now can spring please come?

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