Turning 5

Someone turned 5.  Just like that.  5.  And then she grew taller and wiser and a little sassier. Because, well.  5.  

She loves picking out her outfit for the day.  And then changing into several new outfits as they day goes on.  This girl likes clothes and shoes and jewelry.  All of it.  And now she's 5.  And she is adding and matching letter sounds and doing homework.  Because..  well..  5.  

She is my best helper, tells me that she thinks I'm pretty, snuggles and makes the best faces.  And she's 5.  Her legs have gotten long and she no longer resembles any bit of the toddler she once was.  She's a girl, a school girl, a big girl...  and I love her.  

Happy Birthday Big Girl!  5 is gonna be so much fun.  

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