A Moment of Crazy

I had a moment of crazy sometime over the summer.  You know those moments, when you do something you would never really do had you really taken time to think it through...
     * like....  sign up for that extra course in college adding up to way too many credits, while also saying yes to every committee b/c it might look good someday on a resume...  but then the papers and the meetings and what day is it anyway and when was the last time I slept?

     * like....  planning out all that breathing and no drugs and calming words cause all that has got to make labor and birthing a baby so much easier..  but then birthing a baby....  and you're not breathing and man..  bring the drugs...

     * like deciding on potty training the day that toddler turns 2 by throwing away all the diapers and having a bag of M&M's ready with stickers and charts and no turning back..  and then that sweet child is naked ALL DAY LONG and you've just cleaned up the 10th pee puddle and let's not even talk about naked bums and poop, because please, potty training is a lot of moments of crazy.

holy Moses.  I don't do crazy things.  But one night this summer I clicked on a register link and found myself registering for a half marathon.  A Half - freaking - Marathon.  That is 13.1 miles.  About 12.1 miles more then I could run without dying.  And suddenly I had to plan.  Ya'll..  I don't plan.  I don't schedule, I don't follow through with any plans..  I fly by the seat of my pants.  But this seat was not running 13.1 miles without some training.

So, I've been training.  Running when I don't want to, when I'm tired, when I'm overhwelmed, when I have a million other things to be doing..  I run.  And you know what?  It's been good.

Really really Hard..  but also good.  Good in a, I can do this sort of good.  Good, in a  - I see myself getting better, kind of good.  Good in a - I sometimes even look forward to a run!  Gasp!  I know..  crazy.

So, in a moment of crazy, I registered and trained and in 2 weeks I'll run my very first 1/2 Marathon.  All 13.1 miles of it.  And I won't die.  So, theres that.   I won't finish 1st by any means,  I won't run fast..  but - I'll run.  maybe even the whole thing.  And I'll finish.  And although I say I'll never do it again.. - I just might do another half marathon in another moment of crazy.

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miska said...

So so Proud of you!!!!