Catching up

Summer flew by.  Literally.  8 weeks just wasn't enough of a summer break.  But here we are back at school.  Asher in 1st and Hannah in Kindergarten.  Both loving it and adjusting well.  We got through our first week of homework for both kids and survived!

Since I didn't blog ALL summer..  here's some of what we did and some favorite pics.

The Locke House - John and his employee restored these windows and we went down for a little shin dig to celebrate the finish. .

Asher turned 6!  6.. - that seems crazy.  He was pretty excited about turning 6 and he got to celebrate with some friends from school.  

We swam in the creek.  Cold, cold creek! 

And hiked with friends.  

We enjoyed a beach day.  

We swam A LOT at the pool.  Both Asher and Hannah got green bands!  And then Asher would not leave the slide..  he was loving it.  So Much Fun.  

John has been running a lot.  And biking a lot.  He competed in a race in Sept.. - I'll blog about that soon.  

I've been running.  A lot.  Too.  Blog on that coming soon too.  

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