Summer rambling

It's summer time for some of us.  Asher still has one more week of school.  6 more days.   and then he is a 1st grader.  That makes me a little sad.  I have watched him grow up so much this past year.  And he is such a sweet boy.  I love the way he respects others and listens.  I watch him at school sometimes and soccer and while so many of the boys get rambunctious and out of control, I watch as he steps away and chooses differently.  I'm so proud of the boy he is. 

The pool opened at the Y and we have ventured out a few times to the cold cold water.  It may be June and we may have had some hot days, but overall -it's still been pretty cool.  Now that my two are swimming under water - they are LOVING the pool.  It's been so fun to see them excited about being able to swim.  The other day I was showing them how to do handstands in the pool.  It's been a long time since I've done pool handstand and I still can!  I then cracked up at their attempt.  Little legs and bottoms trying to get out of the water.  SO silly!  They loved it. 

We have been out on some hikes, done some running together at jogging club, said goodbye to our pastor and his family as they move on to a new position, have mulched our yard, said goodbye to my old green car that I have had forever and bought our neighbors car, said goodbye to our neighbors as they move closer to family and have played lots of soccer.  And through all of this the one thing that God keeps putting on my heart is community, more specifically - the whole idea of living life together.   praying, eating, worshipping, celebrating, mourning, encouraging, bearing burdens - all of that is so biblical and so much more of what I want for our family.  And so that is my word for the summer and my focus - to live more in community with 'our people'.  To really L I V E out our Christian faith as we pray for and walk alongside of each other.  I want to create opportunities for my husband to grow in his faith as he walks alongside other men.  I want to grow in my faith as I walk alongside other women.  I want my children to see how the church works, what God calls us to as a family as we care for and support and grow closer to other families - all while we are building God up as our foundation.  I'm excited for this!  I'm praying for this. 

How do you DO community? 


Marilyn Reed said...

I think community has our relationship with God as its core. As we grow in Christ we develop the security which allows us to be open and honest with others and we develop the ability to love others as God loves us. Being in a small group at church is crucial. My group has been together for 15 years. We know each other's kids and regularly share meals, study, laugh, pray, play, and carry each other's burdens. Then I try to place myself in positions of service in my other communities like my neighborhood and the town in which my church is located. Being a Christian in the midst of those communities allows me the opportunity to be a witness as I spend time loving, serving, and enjoying them.

Jamie said...

Yes Marilyn! I love that. I love that you have been a part of a small group for 15 years. to have people to live life with and grow with and support. The body of Christ. Awesomeness! :)