my baby boy had a kindergarten graduation this past week.  He even got to wear a graduation cap.  He walked in 2 by 2 with his classmates.  They sang songs.  They looked sweet.  They got diplomas.  And had yummy snacks.  And now he has one more day of school and then he's a 1st grader.  I think he already is too smart for me.  He had a great year.  But he's definitely ready for summer break.  He told me his favorite things about the school year were the carnival, the fun run, the zoo trip, his friends and field day.  He also loved learning about Antarctica and penguins.  His reading is coming along nicely and math is easy for him.  He LOVED having specials; art, music, gym, library.  I drove him and picked him up all year despite his wanting on occasion to ride the school bus.  He would get out of the car at car line and turn around and blow me kisses goodbye.  And each and every time I dropped him off, my heart melted.  There went my baby boy walking into a school all by himself.  And everyday I'd want to turn around and go get him.  I am loving this age with him, but seriously..  I miss his baby days. 

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