This Girl

This girl likes to wear frills and sparkles and pink and ruffles and all things girly. 
She had a field trip to a nature preserve and chose the above outfit to wear.  Appropriate for finding frogs and toads and catching butterfly's don't you think? 

This girl more then anything wants her ears pierced.  And I have continually put it off because little ears and perfect and holes that change that perfection of baby soft skin but she wants them.  And I think soon. 

This girl grew up so much in the last 9 months without her brother around.  She became a talker and not just to me.  She started enjoying friends and she loved serving them by making pictures and handing them out.  She loves to help.  And she loves to learn. 

She is as stubborn as they come.  And as sweet as pie.  when she wants to be.  Persistence could be her middle name and she is not swayed by any of the many NO"s I give her.  Some days she exhausts me and other days she makes me laugh and all days she melts my heart. 

She loves God and others.  She asks all the time about the boys and girls in Haiti that I served with and she cannot wait to go there and take them shoes and food and clothes and love and why can't they just come and live with us mommy she asks me often because we have an extra room just for them and I want to encourage her in service and love and say yes.  Always yes when she wants to serve others. 

And this girl finished pre school today.  finished.  Done.  She starts kindergarten in the fall.  My not even 5 year old yet will start kindergarten because she is ready.  My baby, who threw us for an emotional roller coaster when we found out she was coming because her brother was only 5 months old and who does that?  We do.  And God knew we needed her.  We need her sass and her pizazz and her love for all things beautiful. 

Sweet Hannah girl.  Go big girlfriend.  Always go big.  Go sparkly.  Go frilly.  Go girly.  But do it all for the glory of God.  Oh how I hope your heart is always motivated by your love for God. 

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