Breathing In

I've been thinking lately how difficult this past winter has been.  On so many people.   for so many different reasons. 

*the snow..  so ~ much ~ snow!
* the cold.  so VERY cold. 
* the bleakness, the unrelenting of the winter. 
* the waiting, the anticipating, the long nights, early mornings, unknowns..  those crisis' that surround us... 

we've been in a waiting period and I've only just realized that I feel like I've been holding my breath for the last 7 months or so..  maybe even longer.  Not really breathing... just sort of waiting until the time when we can let it all out and breathe..  really breathe. 

But maybe I don't need to wait.  Maybe what I need to be doing is breathing in Jesus.  And breathing out Jesus.  In Jesus, Out Jesus.  Breathe...  Jesus.. 

I have posted a few times on facebook my new absolute favorite song.  I listen to it and am immediately drawn into worship.  I have never been much of an emotional person but this song..  it gets me.  The truths in it, the majesty of who Christ the King is in our lives, His victory over the enemy.  So I can breathe.  In Jesus.  Out Jesus.  Jesus who is the lamb of lambs, the king of kings, who reigns forever.  FOREVER.  Forever. 

There is a part in the middle of this song of a guy who uses words to speak truth.  It's powerful.  It brings me to my knees in praise of my God. 

My Jesus helps me breathe.  In the waiting, I can breathe because despite my not understanding, despite my frustration, despite my fears and concerns and apprehension..  my God is glorified.  My God is lifted high. 

My greatest desire is to be able to trust God with all that I am, with all that I have.  To walk in faith to greater things.  To walk through the hard things glorifying God.  I want to walk on water, I want to see the sick healed, I want to see the spiritually dead raised up in Christ, I want to see the broken healed, I want to see relationships restored, I want to see the hungry fed and the poor clothed.  I want to be a part of loving the orphans and caring for the elderly.  I want to breathe and in all things do the work of Christ because in all things He is lifted high.  And as I sing this song, I hear the enemy cowering and so I breathe in Jesus some more..  deep breaths of Jesus.  And I can get through the hard stuff because Jesus did the hard stuff and he was glorified.  Because Jesus died -  because of the hard stuff and he was raised up.  So, I can breathe and I can worship and I can raise my hands in worship of a God who is higher then all, greater then all, victorious over all. 

I can breathe even though it's not June yet.  I can breathe even when June still brings uncertainty..  for ones I love.  I can breathe and continue to lift them up to God who I know loves them more then I and our God has a plan.    A great, mighty plan and ya'll - I can be excited about that. 

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