the SUN came out!

It's April and we havn't seen snow in a couple of weeks now.  I should probably knock on wood because now that I've said that, it will snow again.  But we have flowers in our yard and the grass is growing in again and this past weekend we were outside in shorts. 

Shorts I tell ya!  It's been ages since these legs have seen the sun.  But the shorts went on and we spend Saturday morning on the soccer field.  Little miss is trying her hand..err...  feet at soccer.  She loved it.  I'm coaching her team along with another dad on the team.  Asher is playing again..  I'm assistant coaching..  which means I sit on the sidelines and cheer the team on.  I can handle that. 

Sunday we broke out the grill and had some yummy burgers and BBQ chicken.  Yum-me-me. 

Today it's raining.  I'm prepping and planning prayer stations for our youth on Friday night and my kids are snuggled in watching Frozen for the umpteenth time. 

Do you want to build a snowman? 

did I mention the Sun came out?!

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