more snow and more days off from school

So, my kids no longer know what school is.  They stopped going.  The alarms don't go off in the morning anymore, our days have been at home, lots of family time.  It just keeps snowing.  This past week we had a HUGE snow storm.  Like 18 inches or something crazy.  And, really - it's So Pretty.  All the white everywhere. So pretty.  But also really..  I'm over it. 

My kids though.  They still love it. 

This snow this time..  So fun though.  They dove into it..  face first.  and just giggled away.  Cracked me up. 

We took walks, we went sledding, we walked into town amidst the snow mounds and got pizza.  We have crafted and cleaned and baked cookies.  We have colored and done puzzles and raced cars.  We've bundled and unbundled numerous times. 

This poor guy has spent days shoveling driveways and walkways and roofs.  We have watched movies, the Olympics, paw patrols, umi zoomi and doc mcstuffins.  And ya'll, This mama is ready for spring.  Sort of. 

I like the slow mornings, the snuggling, the slowing down and being home.   I've enjoyed just being home. 

However, the first day we have that is over 80 degrees - I'm heading to the beach..  I'm taking my kids out of school and we are doing a beach day.  Whose with me? 

How many days till all this white stuff melts away?

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