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What have we been up to?  Other then shoveling snow and trying to stay warm..?  Here's some highlights of the last month or so in our household. 

// Big ice storm and we lost power for 2 days.  It was not fun.  At all. 

// I turned 38.  No big deal.  38.  It's not 40, so there's that. 

//  I started coaching soccer for 5 and 6 year olds.  I never played soccer.  Doesn't seem to matter.  Thus far - we are 5 and 0.  Pretty Much - I rock as a coach.  HA!  But for real..  it's fun and we're winning and I know that doesn't matter but still..  you really only say it doesn't matter - when you're not winning.  And we are.  So, there.  (I apologize for my ego..  it is actually quite humorous!). 

// My kids got sick.  The flu.  I thought maybe we had missed getting really really sick this year..  and then I remembered that we all had the stomach flu on Christmas.  And then this flu..  with awful headaches that my 5 year old endured and fevers and throwing up and other disgusting things..  So far - the hubs and I have NOT gotten it.   I'm sure tomorrow I'll wake up with something now. 

// I did not run.  Yep.  After a great month in January of running - I did like 3 miles or something in February.  March is shaping up a little better - like, I ran the last 3 days. 

// I went to a concert with some students and it was an awesome night of worship and a highlight of my year so far.  We saw Rend Collective and Kari Jobe and they were awesome!  Go check them out, they are both coming out w/ new CD's very soon. 

// And..  we had some warmer days, with sunshine and we got to go outside and be happy.  Yea! 

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