31 miles in 31 days

I would never consider myself a runner.  I did not play sports when I was younger and although I enjoy competing in some friendly sports, I am by no means, an athlete.  I married a runner.  He runs...  long distances..  like - 5, 6, 7, 10 miles at a time.. - no big deal.  He's done loads of marathons.  Whatev..   This last year, I have begun to see running for me start to happen.  meaning.. - I can go to the track at the Y and run 2 miles.  And for me - that feels HUGE.  Like a big deal.  Like..  proud.  ya, doesn't take much. 

A couple of months ago I did a cycle class with some friends.  Taking any class has always been intimidating.  And a spin/cycle class?  no way.  But you know what?  I went and I did it.  I cycled the whole hour..  the hard stuff.  My body did it.  It felt good.  And then right before Christmas, I ran again.  3.25 miles.  Without stopping.  3 days later..  3.5 miles.  And I realized that I am capable of doing more then I thought.  My body  - is stronger then I thought it was.  And it feels good. 
And the big thing about this realization is, that for the last few years I have struggled with feeling let down by my body.  I have been a little bitter and angry with this natural aging process and feeling like my body is failing me.  After 2 easy pregnancies, my body decided it was done and it wasn't getting pregnant again.  At 35, 36, 37 years old, my body and hormones decided it was entering that 'change of life' season.. - 20 years before it was time.  And I felt like my body was less then because it couldn't make babies anymore. 

But then I started running and eating better and saw my body start to change and get stronger and although running is still hard and probably will always be hard, I can do it.  And so running makes me feel strong.  And it reminds me that my body still does so much.  And so maybe my season of having more babies is done, there is still a lot for my body to still do. 
And so to challenge myself and this body which I underestimate so often...  I will run 31 miles for the month of January.  Could be 1 mile a day..  but probably not.  Will prob. be a few 2 mile runs at a time..  and maybe a 3 mile run..  or even more.  And If I'm putting it out there in the blog world.  well then.. - I can't let it slide. 
I'm up to 3..  3 of 31.  Yep.  I can. 

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