December Fun

(as an FYI.. - I am back to blogger.  I tried Wordpress for a while, but have found it a bit harder to navigate.. - so for anyone who is following or paying attention to the web address for this blog.. - I'm back to my original one.. - www.thelifeofthelindtners.blogspot.com   ) 
December has felt like a whirlwind.  Truly.  We did thanksgiving - which was practically in December..  a birthday celebration...  cutting down a tree...  decorating...  snow in December..  and again snow... snow days..  youth Christmas parties and movie nights....  kindergarten holiday shows...  stomach flu's..  colds...  phew.  it's felt like a lot. 
We tried a new place this year to cut down a tree.  We were looking for someplace that was not so expensive.  I just can't bring myself to spend $50 on a tree.  At this place - Wiggins Tree Farm - you walk on, cut down any size tree.. - big, tall, fat, skinny...  whatever - and pay just $35.  Yep.  Doable.  We got the biggest one we've ever had.  My mom got the shortest one she's ever had.  It's kind of cute.  Reminds me of myself.  :0

You took a big tray with you to drag your tree in.  Convenient.  Or kids..  whichever.  

Def. think we'll go there again.  Our tree this year is even still alive.  Unlike last years tree which died a week before Christmas.  I think I took it down the day after.  So, locals.. - Wiggins Tree Farm on 41.  It's Lindtner approved. 

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