All I have seen

I have seen so many things these last 8 days, and yet I still have NO words. I may never have words for the depth of poverty that I see here. But I do have words for who God is here and for those kingdom moments where the Spirit of God is working.
Moments like

* worshiping in a one room church sanctuary, together singing a song in Creole with children who do not normally attend that church. They were so excited to be there, to be singing with us and us with them and as I stood with sweat dripping down my back and my hands being pulled tighter, closer to a little boy, I knew that I was standing on Holy Ground. The kingdom of God was there as we worshiped the same God. Awe.

* the smiles of these children, oh how those smiles burst my heart with such love. I do not even know most of the names of these kids and yet I know by heart their smiles and I love them. The kingdom of God is there as we love each other.

* visions of men and women, fathers and mothers, grandmothers, neighborhood leaders, children, babies, ALL filling that new church building with arms raised high worshiping and glorifying God. That property becomes Holy ground because God is praised and an entire community will be rebuilt because the spirit of God is at work. Praise God for his promises and healing streets and lands.

* staring down into a well, filling buckets of water and feeling as though I can relate to the woman at the well. The dust, the sun scorching down, the arm muscles tense as it pulls up bucket after bucket and the holiness of God penetrates as I remember the many women who daily chores involve this very well.

God is not limited by dusty streets or rubble or poverty, in fact God has already overcome those things, rebuilds in the midst of those things and works in powerful ways despite those things. God is bigger and mightier and victorious over the destruction that I see here. What God sees is a people that he created, that He has a plan for, that He loves with a deep deep love and that he brings healing to us they surrender their lives to Him. I have seen that surrender and the kingdom of God comes. Here, in Haiti, the Kingdom of God comes.

Keep praying for these people, these strong, resilient, courageous people.

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