A Day Date

Parking in Dtown

My husband is such a hard worker.  He owns his own business, restoring old wood windows and works really hard at keeping it all going.  Most Saturdays find him  working too.  But not this Saturday.  This Saturday, this very cold Saturday, I got him out of the workshop.  One of our favorite things to do together is to explore quaint little downtowns and find antique shops!  Today, we ended up driving into Downingtown.  We parked in this little parking area for .50cents a day!  .50 cents!  Except, I’m looking at that sign now and it says Monday – Friday….  I guess Saturday is free, and we paid .50 cents anyway. 


We had lunch at this old paper  mill factory turned restaurant.  Lovely. 


The Ceiling and Walls were very cool. 

Fire Creek

There were flurries as we walked around, and a cold bitter wind. 

jamie in mirror

I never buy anything in the antique stores, but I love looking at the old books, (ok, sometimes I buy the old books..!).  I love the old linens, the old doll cradles, old jewelry.  Oh, Hi There!

john and maps

John likes the history stuff; the maps of familiar areas, old postcards, old books, old tools…  Today he found 2 postcards of the house he grew up in!  He bought those! 

jamie masquerade

Masquerade anyone? 

jamie masquerade 2

Fun Day on this cold Feb 2!

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