Sweet and Sassy

This girl keeps me on my toes for sure. She is the kind of child that likes it disagree just because it seems like fun! She especially likes to say the exact opposite of her brother which just upsets his little sensitive heart terribly. Some of the things I have recently overheard.....

Hannah - some houses can fly
Asher - no Hannah, houses don't fly
Hannah - yes they do, some do (said very matter of factly)
Asher - no they don't, houses can't fly Hannah (sounding frustrated)
Hannah - YES THEY DO

As they do a puzzle together
Asher - Hannah, that does not go like that
Hannah - yes it does
Clearly it does not

Asher - I have to go pee pees
Hannah - no you don't
Asher - yes I do Hannah
Hannah's - nope, you don't have to
Asher - mommy!!!

She keeps it real

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