Weekly Gratitude

I am reading Ann Voskamp’s book: “One Thousand Gifts” which talks about having an attitude of thankfulness and the Holy work of God that happens in our lives as we allow our thankfulness to become an offering to Christ Jesus. 


This week, here are some things I am so very thankful for!

1. Bubble Baths with my girly girl as we sing songs together.  My girl loves to sing!

2. A New (to us) blue bike for our bike riding boy and a new (to us) pink bike for our girl who is not quite there yet, but loves her new bike anyway!  And thank you Craigslist for making those purchases affordable!

3. An all day date with my husband on Friday where we drove around Lancaster, picked up above bikes, strolled through antique stores, had yummy ice cream and just enjoyed each others company. 

4. A lazy lazy Sunday afternoon of snuggling, blogging, napping, watching Mickey Mouse.. 

5. Some new found energy and motivation to get things done!

6. A message from a friend simply asking me how I am doing…  made me feel happy!

7. Watching our prior homeless kitty cat Huckle, chase and bat hair bands around all day and knowing that he is one happy cat now that he is being taken care of and has a home of his very own.  He has fit in so well here and we just LOVE him!

8. A little boy who giggled through his hair instead of screaming through it!   Much improvement!

9. Church sanctuaries that become transformed into Easter celebrations where kids run all around playing and laughing!

10. A Savior that chose to ride in on a donkey knowing what that would mean for him and the absolute sacrifice he made for me because of how he loves me!

11. A text from one of my ‘youngMom’ girls saying “I Passed!!”  (At 17 years old, with a baby boy who is 5 months old, and being out of school since she was 14 – she passed all 5 tests for her GED this week!).  Now that is a celebration!

What offerings of Thankfulness can you give to God today?

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