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I thought it was supposed to be sunny today..  it’s not.  I had plans to spend the day outside in the sunshine with my little sprouts…  instead, we’re snuggled on the couch watching a couple episodes of ‘Team Umi Zoomi’…  our picnic lunch may happen on a blanket in the living room instead of outside..  we’re flexible like that.

And we’re all a bit sleepy today.  Asher was up LOTS last night..  his screams of…

I have to go pee pees..  I have to go pee pees…  I HAVE TO GO PEE PEES….  “


“I can’t find bear bear..  where is bear bear..” (crying hysterically while bear bear is right there on his pillow…  oh my)

“I want mommy sleep with me..”

This all before midnight…

midnight till about 4:30 was quiet and then it started again… I think I was up another 4 or 5 times with him… 

“Mommy tuck me in..  MOMMY TUCK ME IN…  MOMMY TUCK ME IN…  “ SHRIEKING..   apparently the covers came off him.

“I want my kitty cat..  “

“I’m thirsty”

“I want my kitty cat..”

I think about 6 he fell back to sleep again… 

I’ve things on my mind..  thoughts that go round and round..  want to hear a few?

* The Beach..  I think about the beach a lot..  we’re going in May and my kids ask everyday – can we go to the beach today?  I want to say YES!  Soon..  I love the feel of the sun on my face, the sand, the ocean..  the smells..  it’s my happy place.  Oh Happy Beach..

* The Dr. calling back..  for another appt..  to figure out what is going on with…  constant exhaustion…  body feeling off…  hot flashes..???  seriously??  at 36..  yep..  and they’re miserable..  ugh.

* Feeling God pushing me to start/lead/initiate/organize/do something…  for a women’s/girls/mothers group of fellowship/study/prayer/night outs/something…  ya.. praying about this – for discernment/clarity/seeing a need….. it’s vague right now. 

* naps..  I think about naps.. 

* my youth students…  the girls from youngmoms…  these faces run through my mind all day long.. 

* the wash..  the dishes..  the toys on the floor..  needing to vacuum..  organize..  put away.. 

And on that note..  my 2 year old is doing the potty dance..  we’re off.

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