Just some Sentences


We postponed Easter..  or at least our families Easter celebration since we all were sick during the actual Easter celebration.  Then again..  as Christians we can celebrate the miracle of Jesus and His victory over death every day, so maybe we didn’t really postpone..  we just continued the celebration of Easter!

Those 4 cuties up there make life full and fun when they are all together.  All 4 were born within 2 years..  and they love each other! 


They all LOVE chocolate…  could eat it ALL…. DAY… LONG… 

Ok, so could I!


Cute Girl with a purple Easter basket and flowers on her dress


'”Cheese”  This one is a character…  Lord help me in the years to come!


Asher is looking so much like a BOY these days..  not like he’s not always looked like a boy..  it’s just that lately he’s been looking like such a Big Boy..  not my baby boy..   I mean after all he’s turning 4 this summer…  and I just had a little school conference for him and asked his teachers about his readiness for Kindergarten in a year..  Kindergarten?  really?  Already?  He’ll be a young 5 year old when he goes.. (being that summer birthday), but he’ll go..  and he tells me that he can’t wait to be 5 so he can go to ‘kin e garden’. 


He asks tough questions.. I’m no brainiac..  and he stumps me sometimes, he’s only 3.5..  it’s not looking good for me as he gets older…  HA!  Better start reading some Encyclopedia’s..  Oh right..  that’s so 80’s… 

“Mommy, where does the sun go at night time?  Maybe if we bought a space ship we could all go to outer space and see the sun, mommy, let’s buy a space ship ok?  With buttons..  I’ll make it go fast and  Hannah will make it land..” 

“Mommy, what is inside our noses?  How do we get into our hearts?  Jesus is in our hearts..  are you greater then God?  (No Asher, God is the greatest")…  Greater then giants?  (Yup, greater then giants…)

“Mommy, what is in the sun?” 


This one thinks she’s in charge…  She is always telling me.. “It’s okay mommy, it’s okay..”  She sings all day long..  the other day she made up a song..”My mommy is so great, my mommy is so great..  my mommy is so great…”  Keep singing girl!  HA! Stoke mommy’s ego would ya? 

I love having a girl..  sharing sweet moments with her..  she’s my snuggler and would snuggle me all day and night if she could.  When she snuggles she has to have her hand just under my shirt against my belly.  She hates when she can’t get to my belly – (like when I’m wearing a dress…).  sometimes her need for touching my bellly drives me nuts..  but other moments..  I love it.  Some day she’ll no longer snuggle me or need to put her hand on my belly…  so I’ll enjoy these days. 


Every day I’m amazed at these two beautiful children…  What a gift from God they are.. 


Every silly, goofy moment.. 

It’s sunny today..  I have a little conference for my little in charge girl for school..  and then we’re off to Longwood to enjoy the sunshine! 

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