Memorial Weekend Fun

We had a busy weekend here kicking off the start of summer!  It was hot, we hit the pool, watched a parade, cleaned the outside ‘stuff’, had friends over and ate lots of food! 

Here’s some photo’s from the fun!


We started with weeding..  well – I was weeding, and they were playing in the sand box..  they ended up scrubbing down the outside toys and then when I pulled these two fun things out of the shed..  they were quick to get we and thus strip down to play in their undies!  Glad our backyard is pretty private! 


Saturday morning we set off for the parade..  although it was a lot smaller this year then last – the kids loved it!  Really..  the loved getting all the candy that was thrown at us.. 




Monday we spent the day with some friends we had not seen in a number of years..  well..  not totally true …  John and Matt have gotten together, but these friends had not yet met our kids and I hadn’t seen them in over 4 years.  Matt was John’s  best man in our wedding…  and he had a huge influence in John coming to know Christ.  I am thankful for Matt’s friendship with John! 

DSC_0243DSC_0233DSC_0236DSC_0237Asher and Hannah with Aubrey and Jacob and Aubrey  (below!)


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