The After

Phew, it was a busy day.  And I gotta be honest – My body is aching today!  A touch workout at the YMCA, some grocery shopping, dishes, undressing the Christmas Tree and hauling it outside, moving every piece of furniture in my family room in order to vacuum and rearrange, sorting through toys, more rearranging, one coat of paint in the ‘Mud Cubby’, more cleaning, second paint of coat, cook dinner, wash dishes..  clean clean clean…  kids to bed, put coats and bags in the mud cubby..  and did I mention I feel like I’m 80? 

Oh my

Some pics?  Why yes! 


Remember this before? 

And now…


I’m not happy w/ the unfinished left side there from where the door was..  just needs a little wood work done on it which I’m sure my handy husband will be happy to make look nice!  But other then that bit..  I’m happy with it.  Opens up the kitchen a bit more..  To the right there is the door we can in and out of (to the outside).  So now, we come and can hang things up right away!  Marvelous.. 

Here’s my helper..


He was soooo  excited about helping me paint!



So – 2 great things about this project!

#1 – It has cost me NOTHING!  I just took the doors off, the hooks were already there from previous owners.  Paint is leftover from our bedroom.  I’ll look for a couple of baskets for that shelf up there..  but plan on finding something on clearance or..  do a little antique shopping and see what I can find.  Anyone up for some antique hopping? 

#2 – I did this project in 2 days..  (spread out over 4 days really).  Which is brilliant for me!  HA..  I’m good at starting things..  not so good at finishing them.  Or, it just takes me forever!  I was determined to just do this..  and not drag it out. 

So, there ya go!  Our new Mud Cubby.  Shoes will go on the bottom there. 

Yee haw!



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Looks good!