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Let me first state: I am not handy, or creative or even close to having a clue most of the time. 

However, I am slowly and surely venturing into the world of DIY projects.  You know the ones..  those that you – DO yourself!  (with a little help from other blogs and the internet world). 

One of the things I have been trying to figure out is what to do with our coats and bags.  They typically make it in through the kitchen, into the dining room and get hung on chairs.  Getttttttiiiiinnnnggg OLD!  So, one afternoon as I quickly glanced through a better homes and gardens magazine, I came up with a plan. 


Take this closet in the kitchen right by the door we go in and out of….  full of bags (which I already emptied) and any kind of light bulb you could want – empty it, take the doors off, paint the back, add some pretty baskets, assign a hook to h family member and wala…  a ‘Mud Closet’! 

Today, I emptied, I took the doors off, and I put tape up to ready it for painting. 


Tomorrow or Wednesday, I will paint which shouldn’t take long – it’s just the back wall there.  Although I’d like to paint the wood too – John likes the unfinished look…  so – just the back. 

And hopefully those coats and bags we use on a daily basis will find a home that does not include my dining room. 

Oh to stay organized.  It’s my new mantra for the year… 

one of many really

I’ll update later in the week w/ the ‘done’ picture!

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