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I used to read a ton of books..  and then I went to college and then seminary where you had to read tons of books and I stopped reading for enjoyment.  Then I want to Northern Ireland for 10 months and I had time to read a lot of books again..  Oh the Joy!  Then I came home, worked a lot, finished seminary, did a chaplaincy and had not time to read.  Then I got married..  then came the kids…  reading did not happen. 

This year, I’m reading again.  For fun, things I’m interested in…  good books.  And I’m keeping track of the books I read here.. 

Luck you?! Yes.. 

So..  my first book for 2012 is a simple book.  IT’s an easy read..  it will bring tears to your eyes and make you long for the day that you can experience heaven.. 

yep – heaven! 

It’s for Real!  According to a 4 year old.  And I like it. 


Colton, a 4 year old boy, got really sick.  Nearly died..  and saw heaven.  In heaven he saw the throne of God, with Jesus at the right hand.  He saw so many colors, and animals.   He met a great grandfather who died years before he was even born.  He met is sister whom was never born on earth – but only into heaven when their mom was just 2 months pregnant with her.  And heaven sounds awesome!

And..  what he says about heaven, his description of heaven – it’s biblical.  And not something a 4 year old could make up.  It’s amazing the way that God reveals himself to us and the ways that God uses children to show us the simple and yet awesome way of the Lord. 

Heaven..  it’s for real.  And some day – I’ll get to be there.  With wings, flying around seeing the people I love and the family I never met. 

I’ll sing with my mommom again and joke with my poppop.  I’ll play with my little cousin David and chat with my uncle Robert.  And we’ll all be Joyful and we’ll worship Christ. 


Check out the book. 

I liked it.

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Bumber's Bumblings said...

I LOVED this book! I read it in one evening!! Happy 2012! Hope to maybe get together with you this year since we do live right down the road from each other!