time gets away….


I read blogs, but I fail to update! Everyone else's life seems so much more exciting and our days really are just full of cleaning, playing, swimming and not much else... however.. here are some updates!

* The end of June I spent a few days (3.5) in Philly w/ a few students on a mission trip. We had a GREAT time - together as a little group of girls and as a bigger group w/ the staff of the Philadelphia Project. There was a lot of laughing and being silly and I really enjoyed myself! It was hard being away from my kids,  however, I enjoyed being able to go potty all by myself (among other things!).



* John turned 40... yep, I am now married to a 40 year old! (for the record - I'm still a young 35... ) We celebrated as a little family AND had a party for him this past weekend. I was BEAT after the party from all the cleaning, cooking, taking care of my kids...etc! But John loved it and that made me happy.

* Asher is now in a big boy bed and he LOVES it... I really thought it was be a hard transition for him - he does not like changes and like things to stay as they are... but he has done great and just loves being called a 'big' boy (big is relative since he really is smaller then all other kids his age!) and he loves loves loves his new bed!

We also went on a train ride - trying to bribe - yes, I bribe my kids often! haha - bribe Asher to give up the pacifier... we're working on daytime use right now. We've succeeded in getting out of the house and leaving it home.. he does okay at home w/out it but when he does want it.. he wants it... it's hard! But, we did enjoy a train ride to begin this transition... and he loved the train ride!

DSC_0602 Daddy and his little (I mean BIG) Boy!

DSC_0603 waiting to GOOO!

DSC_0606 Mommy and her girl!

* Hannah has been up lots at night lately... I'm exhausted. That's all I'm saying about that. I LONG for sleep....

* We joined the YMCA pool this summer and I am loving going! I'm such a water girl having grown up swimming at the pool and grown up spending my summers at the beach. So it's normal for me to wake up and put my suit on.. it' just what you do in the summer! I LOVE being near the water... John does not - so since we've been married, our summers have had little to do w/ swimming and I have SOO missed it. So, this summer we joined the pool and I just love going w/ the kids and splashing and playing w/ them in the water.




* the bible study w/ the youngMOMs has been on hold while we have been trying to work out the childcare portion of it. So I have only met w/ the girls that one time. Tomorrow, I will meet a second time w/ them. And there will be a new girl there - who just so happens to live RIGHT across the street from me. True story... God amazes me. Pray for our time tomorrow!

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