Today....  it is COLD!  And ICY and FREEZING Rain.....  and Dreary and is making me long for spring! 

Today....  my Asher is sick with a cold and a bit of Croup and is snuggling in watching Diego Diego  - which he loves. 

Today....  my family room and living room floors are covered in toys with no place to walk...  I suppose it's time to clean up again!

Today....  I am putting together a Medical Notebook to organize all of our medical information and have ONE place where we store EVERYONE's Infor.  (Yesterday I put together a Home Management Planner notebook w/ tabs for calendar, finances/budget, emergency contacts, TO DO list, Weekly Cleaning Chart....  I"m working on getting more organized!)

Today...  I'm thinking of making some baked oatmeal and then eating it with cran-raisons and brown sugar...  YUM!

Today.....  I'm hoping for a NAP with my baby loves this afternoon. 

What does your TODAY look like?



Hannah thought it was fun to put my underwear on her head…  she walked around like this for quite a while. 

It was clean, fresh out of the wash – don’t worry! 

(And, I know they aren’t pretty…  but they are functional!  And comfy…  )

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Wendy_hj said...

What a great "today" you will have! Praying for continuous joy for all of you!

Wendy_hj said...

What a wonderful "today" you are having! Praying for continuous joy for you!