Snow, SNOW


We have loads of snow out there today.  It started yesterday very early, stopped for a bit and then started up again last night and dumped on us!  It’s pretty isn’t it? 

Our neighbor has a wonderful snow blower that he lets John use and we are so thankful for that!  Otherwise, it may take a very long time to shovel out the driveway. 



Our power went out at about 4 am this morning, which also meant our heat was off and the house quickly got down into the 50’s…  cold!  It was warmer, well – felt warmer outside with the wonderful SUN on our faces then it did inside!

Oh, how I love the warm sun!




So, inside – no electricity, no heat, no laundry or vacuuming or doing dishes in cold water.  No TV or internet..  What was I to do?



I snuggled up on our chair in a half, which sits in front our our French doors which is where the SUN shines in and I got our a Philip Yancey book on prayer that I am reading, and I read.  I’m so enjoying the book.  I will share soon about what I am learning and some of my favorite quotes.  But it was so nice…  to sit and read and feel the warmth of the sun. 



We were out playing in the snow for about an hour and had a great time.  We walked up and down the driveway, down the street, talking to the neighbors, and enjoyed the feeling of the SUN on our faces! 




After we came back inside, Hannah snuggled up with me and feel asleep and then I heard it…  the heat!  It came back on and quickly got back up our regular temp of 66 degrees. 



Now, the washer and dryer are back in, the internet is up and being used, the TV is on and soon the vacuum cleaner will be on… 



John finished snow blowing and shoveling and is now back in his workshop with his big steam box he named Misty and he’s busy steaming paint off them windows and…  staying warm. 

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