cabin fever

I don’t get out much.  Getting out requires too much work and energy with Asher and Hannah.  If there is errands to do – I only go one place.  That is all WE can take! 

BUT, it’s been cold, and there has been snow and ice and we’ve been cooped up inside for too long.  Err, at least I have!

So, this morning we took off to run some errands.  We stopped first at the church to make some copies and drop of registration for nursery school next year. 

Then we went to a couple of stores, where I found ON CLEARANCE, deep red bins for my laundry room.  Perfect!  Did I mention they were ON CLEARANCE? 

We stopped for lunch at Manhatten Bagel…  Yum!  I am certain the other lunch attenders there thought I was NUTS with my two year old and one year old who (while I was ordering and paying), were running around to the tables saying ‘HI” to people.  They’re friendly like that. 

When we were done, I wondered – where can we go next?  I so did not want to go home.  But, A and H were getting cranky, fussy and quite frankly – I was tired of the car seat thing…  in and out, in and out, in and out…. 

So, we head home…. 

Passing by Brandywine State Park on our way…  where I get a brilliant idea!

Didn’t know I was brilliant did ya? 

Ya, me either… 

I pull into this little parking lot.  Where there is a trail, for hiking and I think – a little walk with my little sprouts would be perfect!  Some fresh air, we can run around, maybe see an animal or two…. 


We get out and walk to the trail, only about 10 steps from the car and I’m ready to hike!  I take two little hands – because the path of course is snow covered and icy and a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old are a little unbalanced in the icy snow covered path and keep slipping all over.  I’m trying to hold them up and walk and keep myself up… 

can you see where this is going? 

Hannah slipped and face planted into the snow.  Ooops… 

So, I resort to carrying  her and holding Asher’s hand.  This can still be fun right? 

It’s not TOO cold, it’s quite, peaceful.  No one is around..  Lovely!

Asher wants to keep walking, so we do.  Until I convince him we MUST turn around.  We really are only about a quarter mile away from the car, but we are in the middle of snow covered EVERYTHING that is super Icy. 

I try getting Hannah to walk some more.  She slips, Asher slips.  They both cry, a lot and want me to pick them BOTH up.  At the same Time. 

Who said this would be fun?

Would it be terrible if I walked back to the car by myself?  (Kidding…  )

We made it back, I tried to be happy and smiley and pretend we were having lots of fun!

We just needed out of the house… 

how many days till spring?

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