A Hot Date

We collected shoe boxes for Samaritans purse Operation Christmas Child at the church, probably about 90 boxes total!  And I needed to get them to their drop off location yesterday, so I recruited my  husband to help, ya know, since he has a big work van.  We left the kids home..  with grandparents and off we went.

As we were driving along on some windy road, taking in the scenery, back of van filled with shoeboxes, eating leftover cold pizza from the night before, chatting about turkeys (there were a ton of live turkeys’ EVERYWHERE!  (not live for long I’m sure… :(…  anywho. 

I turned to John and said – look at us, out on a HOT date! 

Ya, be jealous… 

work vans, cold pizza, winding roads..  can’t get anymore romantic then that my friends…


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