Christmas Pictures from Shutterfly

Before I was married, I only sent Christmas cards, but once John and I were engaged, we started sending pictures for Christmas cards!  Once we had Asher and then Hannah – the pictures are of them.  Seems John and I don’t end up in very many pictures these days! 

But it is so fun to pick out what pictures of the kids I want to use and then pick out a card design from Shutterfly and mail them out.  And I LOVE now getting pictures from friends and family and seeing how their kids are changing and growing – especially from friends that I don’t see very often anymore. 

Once December begins, I love when the mail comes and I get even more excited when their are cards in the mail!  :)  In our house in Wilmington I would then hang all our cards along our staircase, but I’m looking around our house now and wondering where I’ll put them.  Hmm..  I’ll have to figure that one out! 

I have not picked out our cards OR our pictures yet this year, but here are some of my favorite designs from Shutterfly's christmas card selection






There are so many to choose from!

Shutterfly also has these beautiful ornaments that you can purchase as well and give as gifts!  They are a great idea!


AND, if you are planning on having a Christmas Party, you can order your invitations from Here too and create a beautiful invitation like this..


I’m excited to get started and see what I come up with! 

How about you?


FYI – for posting this post about Shutterfly and the holiday cards, I get  50 free cards!  Click here and you can post about your favorite Christmas cards and get free cards too! 

Thanks for reading.

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