What God is up to

Do you ever wonder that?  What is God up to?  What is His plan?  What does he have up his sleeve for me? 

Well, I wonder!  And since we have moved into West Grove I have a strong feeling that God is up to something.  I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it’s something. 

God has placed on my heart a lot lately the desire to really serve him, with all that we (as a family) are.  I have a new excitement for ministry and for sharing Christ with others.  People need to hear of the hope that comes with being in a relationship with God and I can share that hope because I can attest to God’s faithfulness in my own life. 

I have wrestled with how to give to God in regards to my possessions and our money. 

I have heard about, seen, been a part of some exciting ministry going on right in my own community. 

Last night I attended a banquet for Urban Promise in Wilmington.  Urban Promise is doing some amazing things because of Christ, in the lives of young people who come from hopeless situations.  And these young people got up in front of over 500 people last night and spoke of HOPE and of the transforming power of God in THEIR lives.  It brought me to tears.  To watch children raise their hands up and sing to God; ‘I am Yours’.  Amazing. 

I am human.  I struggle with completely surrendering to God, saying..  all that I am is YOURS Lord, all that I have is YOURS Lord.  But I am learning to do that more and more each day. 

I am excited about where God is leading our family.  I am not entirely sure where that is or in what context that is, but God has a plan.  I’ve told my husband from the very beginning of our relationship that God has a plan for us.  A plan to serve him and to love him. 

What is God up to?  I’m praying about that!   But it’s something!  Something tremendously good!  :)

What is God up to in your life?

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