Catching Up

It is amazing how quickly the days go by…  and how I’m not sure what I do with all my time.  But here we are in December already. 

So, what have we been up to this fall?  Well..  we visited pumpkins farms and sat on haystacks and saw goats and baby cows and a big fat pig! 


DSC_0582  This is my friend Becca’s little boy – Nathan.  He is 10 months younger then Asher is quite the little miracle! 







Asher is loving school and we are working on his unwillingness to share…  both at home and at school.  He rather likes the word ‘Mine’ and is not happy when another child (or hannah) approaches him while he is playing..  and he reacts by hitting or pushing..  so – we are trying to correct that.  It’s not easy! 

Hannah is growing up too fast.  She says lots of words and is starting to walk.  She picks up on everything that Asher does and just continues to amaze us. 

John is staying pretty busy with work and God continues to provide work for him.  We are so thankful!  His next project though is to get the woodstove working in the workshop so he can stay warm out there!  Right now – it’s pretty cold.  He also put new storm windows on our house so we can stay a bit warmer! 

I am busy with the two little ones, trying to keep my house clean and organized..  (it’s a task!), youth ministry at the church – which is great! And I am slowly getting into crafting!  It’s fun! 

We are so thankful this year for all that God has been doing in our lives and for where He has brought us.  We have been so blessed. 

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