eventful pregnancy?

Remember, now too long ago, I wrote about how this pregnancy was uneventful and we would take that? well, it got eventful! Nothing like a little excitement! Last Wed evening, I was stopped at a red light and someone rear ended me. A care full of girls - maybe in their early 20s.... I got out of my car to check damage and call 911... and as I was calling 911 and talking - the car that hit me took off! can you believe that? I was in shock!! People do that!!

anyway, very little damage to my car - praise God. And I was not at all hurt.. (police did come out and we have a report for our insurance company) however I was having contractions. Which really isn't something new for me - i've been having them quite a bit this trimester.. I did not go in to the ER to get checked, didn't feel it was necessary. AND... I had my 30 week appt on friday anyway - so I would get checked then right? made sense to me! Well, at my 30 sleep appt - my dr. said that I really should get checked out b/c although I was not hurt we can't see what is going on in my belly w/ the baby, placenta....etc. So, over to Triage we go - get monitored - baby is looking great. I'm doing fine. Dr. comes in to check me - make sure my cervix is closed and all and surprise suprise - i'm 1 cm. dilated and 50% effaced. Not so good. hmmm... stay 2 more hours - watch for contractions and movement w/ cervix - which contractions start showing up and when dr. checks me 1.5 later - i've moved to 1.5 cm. dilated. fun fun.. i'm now admitted for the next 24 hours!

eventful yet?

contractions eventually stopped. no more dilation. I did get stuck twice w/ a big needle in my cushy behind for steriods to help the lungs of my baby develop and mature just in case he or she decided to show up. i also was hooked up to the monitors and IV w/ an antibiotic and fluids. Nicu dr. came to talk to us again.. just in case - so we'd be prepared.

anyway.. all is fine! I was released home - w/ no limitations. baby was doing great the whole time.. unaffected by any of this drama! I'm tuning a bit more into my body and when I need to stop moving... activity seems to make my uterus contract... and we're praying for no more dilating for a while.. and that this baby makes it until full term (37 weeks) - so just another 7 weeks - At least!

God has def. been w/ us and provided. 1. - I was not hurt, 2. the baby was not hurt, 3. my car was not really hurt (little bruised.. but ok), 4. our car insurance company will pay for the bumper to be fixed (after our $250 deposit which isn't bad) AND they will cover all our medical expenses for the 2 days at the hosp! We are SO thankful for that b/c any time spent in the hosp is NOT cheap!

That is where we are. I'm off to work soon - loads to do to get ready for the fall.. Asher is talking up a storm and bringing me my shoes to put on... he's near to walking - but not doing that yet! John is off to maryland today to continue working on restoring a stone wooden door frame so the door can go back in. And we're moving on day by day thanking God for his faithfulness.

best get someon'es diaper bag packed.. and no - not mine!
we're rocking on!

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