Life continues to throw some loops, and we're in the - 'your. dr. wants you on bedrest' loop. John and I are in the midst of figuring out what that looks like, while I 'stay off my feet' for at least the next 4 weeks. Currently Asher and I are watching Sesame STreet and playing blocks - trying to keep him as entertained as posssible while being confined to one room. It will be a long month for this active little boy!

We are realizing more and more the seriousness of this - particularly as the more I move and and up - the more contractions I am feeling, along with some cramping...etc. So, we're changing how are days look here.

Thankfully - my church and pastor are incredibly supportive and adament about my being home per Drs. orders. People are quickly stepping up to take over programs and this 'time off' will not effect my pay or my maternity leave - which is a huge answer to prayer. God is providing in many ways and we know that He's got this little baby in his hands as well.

We're just trying to take things a day at a time.. as my schedule went from busy to coach and john's poor schedule just tripled... pray for him!

so, that is where we are!

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