best friends when you're 6

A good part of my Sunday mornings at the church are generally spent with 4 - 8 year olds. And I often enjoy the conversations I end up having with these kids - the innocence and sweetness and sometimes the honesty! there are plenty of times when I have to turn my head to keep from laughing out loud at what was just said... I was a part of a conversation this past Sunday that was like that..

I was sitting with two girls - Morgan who is going into 3rd grade and Veronica - going into Kinder. I don't remember what we were talking about but Morgan said something about her best friend. Veronica then chimes in and says - Am I your best friend? And without missing a beat or thinking about it - Morgan responds yea - you're my second best friend. Veronica's response? oh good, wait, what is your name again?

We are grateful for all those who are praying for us and being our 'friend' during this time period - even if we aren't aware of everyone's names!

We're hanging in here.. i'm nearly done with Day 3 of bedrest and on Saturday i'll be 31 weeks along which is better then 30 weeks along. I'll be honest and say that my body does not like being up and doing things, I def feel the difference in my belly when i'm sitting/lying down as opposed to standing up and moving about. Being up and about brings on a lot of pressure low down in my belly, some cramping and some contracting. So, i'm definitely taking seriously the staying off your feet orders. The baby is moving around a lot and seems to be doing well. My mom has been down to help and tomorrow Asher will go to John's parents for a bit. He's doing well, but I think gets bored with just me and our not being able to do anything! John is hanging in as well, although his to do list just got bigger! he's been able to get some good work in this week on the house in Maryland so I think he is finally seeing some progress there and feels good about that!

while i'm home - I should take pics of Asher and post them! that's more exciting then me writing anyway!

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