is it october?He

So, it's not October yet, but I'm feeling about ready for October to be here! I am feeling good, but pretty achy and sore and having lots of braxton hicks.. lots! I'm headed to the dr. every 2 weeks now... (i'm in week 30..) Hard to believe we really only have at the most 10 weeks left.

Asher and I just got back from another mission trip - with our junior high kids. We were down the shore and spent our mornings working on a farm - harvesting and weeding. All of the food we picked goes straight to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission and gets cooked that night for dinner. We worked alongside of some of the homeless men and the students that went - did a great job! Asher had lots of fun too playing and getting so much attention. he's had a few meltdowns since we've been home, but he was so good all week long!

John was home alone (w/ a few cats to keep him company) and he completed the backsplash in our kitchen. It looks great! I should take a picture... I told him to get some rest and enjoy sleep - but he didn't listen... oh well

so now, we're gearing up for fall programs, maternity leave and baby #2... never a dull moment!

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