ultrasounds, birthdays and baltimore

Ultrasounds! We had our big ultrasound on friday and it was all very exciting! We saw all kinds of parts of the baby - some organs, the brain, the spine, fingers, toes, belly, bladder, it was great! the baby is doing very well - measuring actually about 5 or 6 days ahead of where I am.. so maybe he or she will be earlier then august 3?! The one thing I did find out and something we're praying about - is that I have an anterior placenta - basically my placenta is first, baby is second - the placenta should be second! So, we're praying that it moves into the right position. Which is should - i'll probably have another ultrasound in about a month to double check. I've finally gained like 1 or 2 pounds... jeans stopped fitting though and i'm now wearing my maternity pants! wohoo. :) although i'm not really looking pregnant yet! Soon i'm sure. :)

We spent the weekend in Baltimore at a conference called Weekend to Remember for married couples. It was really good and we had a great time just being away and together. It was nice not to have the distractions and to be just be silly together! We celebrated my birthday by going out to dinner - I had a delicious steak! yumy. :)
Snickers - our new cat seems to be doing well - although we came home to her being in heat. So - i'm calling the vet in the morning and see when we can get her in. poor thing! i've never seen a cat in heat before but she is for sure restless. and loud! Felix does not like that she is in heat and keeps trying to bat her.. i'm playign refree again..

here's some pics from late!

John in front of the window in our hotel.

Me and my new maternity jeans!

Felix sleeping - she's our part time cat!

And our new kitty Snickers - AKA - peanut butter toes!

Snickers again!

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