We had an interesting weekend... We rescued a cat. Here's the story.. We get a call thursday night from John's mom. She's a massage therapist and friday was at the house of a client. This client JUST bought the house - like tuesday maybe..?? it's on like 14 acres.. and the previous owners left ... their.. ... cat.. ( on a side note - people like that should be beaten! you don't want your animal - be responsible and kind and take it to a shelter where it can find a new home). The woman who bought the house does not like cats.. and spends half her year living in FLorida anyway... and her brother who will check on the house - would gladly just shoot the cat to get rid of it. (can you see how angry I'm getting now?!). So, saturday John and I go over to the house to see if we can locate the cat, see if it responds to people.. etc. We're not out of our car for 2 seconds when the cat starts meowing.. she was by the house.. and so hungry. We fed her.. she let us love her.. pick her up... put her in the car... bring her home..etc. You can tell she's sad... and uncertain. She growls here and there to us - but I think she is a bit scared. The only drawback and trouble we're having is that she DOES not like other cats. We have a part time cat - part time in that Felix ONLY comes in at night to sleep. She's out all day... she comes in after dinner and goes to our room and snuggles. She sleeps w/ us at night.. she's been doing this since Nov.. it took us over a year to get her in the house.. now when the new cat sees her - she growls this low growl and hisses. Felix was upset the first day - sat. but yesterday when she came in -she didn't seem too phased by it... she would look for the new cat.. then go back upstairs where we closed our bedroom door so she would be safe. felix did not growl back or hiss.. she was good! So, we're waiting to see if we can get the new cat - which we named Snickers - to be okay w/ Felix... any suggestions on getting a cat used to another cat? i'm sure she's insecure right now - abandoned by her family, left out in the cold w/ no food for 4 days.. in a new house.. another new animal there... we're trying to make her feel safe and all but.. we'll see. it's been interesting!

She's cute though! calico.. w/ very funny markings. She looks very silly! I got an email from John saying she was sitting on his lap while he was on the computer, so that is good progress! Oh my.. always an adventure! haha.. I'll post a picture of her soon!

other then that - weekend was good. Sunday we took youth to PHilly to feed the homeless, always a good day! It's sunny and a bit warmer today - high 40's - i'd love to go out for a walk.. but not gonna happen today! Work work to do.

We have our big ultrasound this friday!! So excited about that. I'm starting to feel my belly - like when I bend over.. or lean forward when sitting - it feels like something is in the way! haha... And.. i'm thinking I feel the baby move - but not certain on that yet. SOon i'm sure! :) Oh and this morning, my jeans didn't fit.. time to go shopping! (we're 17 weeks along now).

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