sweet heartbeats

We had our 16 week appt today and the Dr. had a hard time again finding the heartbeat - and anytime she did, the baby would move! I'm telling ya - we have one active child here! :) But.. we did hear the heartbeat... it was about 151/152! I go in 2 weeks for an ultrasound - the big one! although we are not finding out the sex of the baby! We're waiting on that till August. It'll be hard though not to want to know that day -haha. i should be going in 4 weeks for that, but since I'm not gaining any weight, we want to just make sure everything is okay. I thinkm I really need to be eating more...

Yesterday was ok. Sad for us because of Buttercup. We're glad shes' not suffering anymore - she can walk well, can hear again.. is running around in heaven we're certain. but we're sad for us ya know? We buried her in the back yard yesterday.. I woke up thinking I was ok. . and then and hour later was sobbing again. Today.. so far i'm ok. Just miss her!

We did go otu to dinner last night and watched a movie. It was nice. It is awesome watching our love grow day by day.. and to know that through such sadness our love grows stronger.

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The Rhoads said...

Sorry to hear about Buttercup, was she older? I'm sorry for your loss! Do you still have your other cat? Holly has a stoke last month, but amazingly she has gotten 95% better. We thought this was her time to go, but I guess that's not God's plan. The only thing wrong is her head tilt, which she may have forever now due to the stroke. It's hard to believe she is 13 1/2 and still plays like a puppy at times. How is Allie doing these days? My Aunt and Uncle have dog from her litter, Cooper, and he was over this past weekend.