some picture updates!

John and I went out to dinner to celebrate passing 3 of my ordination exams! here we are eating away at chips and salsa!

our Snicker Doodles! She's really funny! Very much a kitten still - She LOVES to play and be heard throughout the whole house batting her little mice around! she's warming up to me and john a bit more too... purring more and being more lovey.. mainly she wants to bat at you though! She's full of herself!

Easter Sunday we also celebrated Dads birthday. Here he is blowing out the candles! happy birthday dad!

Easter Monday we went for a walk at new little park we found! While walking, John said - this would be a nice park to push a stroller around in. it's fun to hear him talking like that! And soon w'ell be doing just that!

This is me - 5 months pregnant from the side and front!

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