Let the Chaos.. er... Construction. well really - Demolition begin!

Demo started today! Wohoo!! :) Here are some pics showing some of what the pre - additions looked like. and what a days worth of work has been. The one addition that was torn down had a TON of termite damage - crazy! We're moving along.. our kitchen is a mess w/ all the dust and is only going to get worse... it's exciting - but overhwelming! take a look...

On another fun note - i've been sick all week - some miserable cold! I can't breathe through my nose and some baby of mine seems to like to squish my lungs so i can't get good breathes in that way either - fun fun!

And - John saw my belly move the other night.. - yup! baby is kicking away and my belly looks alien sometimes! We have our 24 week appt this friday - moving right along! Nearing the 3rd trimester - can you believe it?

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The Myers' Family said...

Looks like alot has gotten done in just one day! Hope that you are feeling better soon!