ordination exam results

Well, in case you all had forgotten, It is the week I find out the results - or really - find out if I passed or didn't pass the ordination exams. I called today - thinking they would confirm my address and then mail my results so i'd still have a few days until I Found out... well - he gave me the results over the phone.. I was SOOO nervous waiting for him to find my name.. heart was absolutely pounding I could hear it! I was praying that I at least passed 2 out of the 4.. Here is what I heard..

Reformed Theology - passed
Worship and Sacraments - passed
Presbyterian Polity - passed
Biblical Exegesis - not passed..

can I tell you how happy I am! I was so unsure of how I did and so afraid of failing all 4 of them! AND.. the biblical exegesis was so hard - on Revelation chapter 13.. so i'm not suprised about that... I feel so relieved! I now will need to retake the biblical exegesis - next time it is offered is the end of August... this will be my maternity leave project I guess! oh well..



the myers' family said...

Congrats! Glad to hear that you passes 3 of the 4!

The Rhoads said...

Glad to hear you were successfull with your exams!